Fishing Time

Monday, July 31, 2017

 I have to say our favorite week  of  Camping Theme from Mother Goose Time has been Fishing Week. First we did the many Awesome Mother Goose Time Activities  and then got to follow up with an actual Vacation/Fishing Trip.

Ariana caught her first fish and was so excited.It was a great week at the Beach.

With Mother Goose Time we did:
A Fish Puzzle
It Was So Much Fun!
Ariana loved this!
Skills- Cognitive, Fine motor and Problem solving skills.

What might you catch in a river and what do you need to fish ?  Ariana said - You would catch a real big fish in the river.
To fish you need a hook, a fishing pole, a shrimp and a reel that you roll up to catch a fish.

What kinds of fish have you seen?  Ariana said- I have seen a hard head fish, a really skinny fish and a piggy perch.

Time For a Fishing Game

Ariana really enjoyed this game alot. She rolled her pipe cleaner to make a hook so she could catch fish.

She played around with it to get it to hook and she matched the number fish to the number line.
Skills- Number Concepts and Fine Motor

 Word Fishing
Skills- Phonological Awareness and Social Relationships
 What sounds do fish make? Ariana said- Fish make a glub, glub, glub sound.

What would you bring on a fishing trip? What would you leave at home?  Ariana said- You would bring a towel, a fishing pole, sand toys and a net to catch little creatures.
I would leave my bicycle at home because you can't ride it while you are fishing because it would sink and you would sink. That wouldn't be good.

                                     It was a wonderful week of family, fun and fishing.
                          We loved all the fun fishing Activities from Mother Goose Time!
                           The whole Camping Theme has been so Awesome!


I am so thankful for the opportunity to use Mother Goose Time Curriculum with my students. I can’t wait to share our learning experiences on my blog. In exchange for my unbiased and honest reviews, Mother Goose Time has provided us with the curriculum free of charge.
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