Sunday, April 8, 2018

Exploration and Discovery

The children are so excited to be learning about our new Theme: Ocean Commotion. This last week we learned about Seascape.

First we learned about Ocean Water. The oceans consist of salt water, which help objects float better than fresh water.

I asked the children the Ocean Names. They did know some of them. We went over them and counted how many there are.

The children enjoyed the story Commotion in the Ocean

They explored Sea Shells and matched Coral Reef pictures in the Science Center.

We learned about the Ocean Floor. There are coral reefs, plants and animals that live on the ocean floor.

O is for Ocean 

Oyster Pearls  - What do you think is in an Oyster?

The children were very interested in this. They loved their oyster & pearl make & play art project.

Ocean Caves

We learned about Ocean Caves.There are some sea creatures that live in the ocean caves.

The children played a game diving for shells. They pretended they were cave divers. They collected shells under the cave / table and placed them on the correct number strip on top of the cave / table.

Ocean Cave Make & Play 

Which Animal Lives in the Ocean Cave? 

What would you see if you swam inside the cave?

Constructing Caves 

The children love constructing pretend play structures. ❤️

Ocean Plants

We learned about Ocean Plants. Seaweed, Kelp and Algae are plants that grow in the Ocean. 

Coral Reefs

We learned about Coral Reefs. Coral Reefs are living structures found under water and they are fragile.

Stringing Coral Reefs

The children had a Blast Stringing Coral Reefs! They loved this Activity!

This Month’s Circle Time Area 

For April: Ocean Commotion

Respect the Reef!

We discussed the fragile Coral Reef and to be respectful of nature.                   

My Little Ocean Journal 

The children drew themselves and a sea creature on the front of their journal.

Other Ocean Learning Centers in the Classroom

Library Center 

Writing Center 

Dramatic Play 

Block Center 

Alphabet Center 

Sensory / Playdoh

Sensory Table Fun

Table Games and Puzzles 

We had an Awesome Week!  We are looking forward to the next three weeks of Ocean Commotion. Thank you MGT šŸ˜

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