The Arctic Fox

Sunday, January 24, 2021

This last week we did so many fun Learning Activities with Experience Early Learning Curriculum . Our Theme this month is Ice Castle and today I am sharing some of the Activities we did. 
I am so thankful for the opportunity to use  Experience Early Learning Curriculum with my students and to share our experiences on my blog. 
In exchange for my unbiased and honest reviews Experience Early Learning has provided me with the curriculum free of charge.
I have used Experience Early Learning Curriculum in my Classroom since 2017. This Curriculum has been a True Blessing for me and my students ❤️

 The Arctic Fox  
This week as we continued our theme Ice Castle, we learned about another Tundra Animal.

We learned about the Arctic Fox.

We first discussed the color of the Arctic Fox’s fur. How that the fur is a  different color  than that of a fox in the forest. I then gave each child a cotton ball and we discussed how the fur of a Arctic Fox is white like the cotton ball and it would be hard to see the fox in the snow. They placed their cotton ball on a white piece of paper. I explained to them how a fox uses camouflage to hide from predators.

Creative Art
Visual Arts/ Fine Motor

For Creative Art the children made Arctic Fox Puppets .

They enjoyed making their own Arctic Fox puppets to take home and play with.

They enjoyed gluing on the cotton balls.

What Does the Arctic Fox See?
Concepts in Print/Writing 

 We read our books together “What Does Arctic Fox See?”

We talked about animals he may see and where he lives. They then added their own drawing of what he sees.

Table Top Math
Foxes & Berries

With this fun game the children took turns rolling the die. They then counted out that amount of berries. With the last step they added the berries to their fox’s den. Then their friend had a turn. 🦊 ❤️

A Few Other Activities From the Week 

 Igloo Block Center 


Igloo Art

Letter Ii Writing and Glitter Art

“Can You Come In ? “ Sight Reader
 Sight Words- you  come   in  

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Experience Early Learning 

Disclaimer: I am so thankful for the opportunity to use Experience Early Learning formerly Mother Goose Time Curriculum with my students. I can’t wait to share our learning experiences on my blog. In exchange for my unbiased and honest reviews, Experience Early Learning has provided us with the curriculum free of charge.

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