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Saturday, September 26, 2020

This last week we did so many fun Learning Activities with Experience Early Learning Curriculum . Our Theme this month is All About Me  and today I am sharing some of the Activities we did. 
I am so thankful for the opportunity to use  Experience Early Learning Curriculum with my students and to share our experiences on my blog. 
In exchange for my unbiased and honest reviews Experience Early Learning has provided me with the curriculum free of charge.
I have used Experience Early Learning Curriculum in my Classroom since 2017. This Curriculum has been a True Blessing for me and my students! ❤️

This last week our Topic for Learning was: 
Staying Healthy .

Our lessons centered around the importance of Washing Hands, Protecting Our Bodies , Sleep, Brushing Teeth and Exercise.

We discussed the importance of always washing our hands. 

Why should we wash our hands?

Because germs 🦠 can spread easily !! We all need to wash our hands regularly throughout the day, all day long. Some of the times we wash our hands are after we come in from outside, before we eat, after restroom time, after we sneeze, etc.

Germs can spread from person to person just by touch.
We talk to the children regularly about how important it is for them to wash their hands to keep themselves and their friends healthy.

Brushing Teeth 

The children used a toothbrush and the blue paint for this Creative Art Activity to pretend they were brushing the tooth shape. 

They were singing a song about brushing their teeth that they made up !  “We are brushing our teeth!”  πŸ˜Š

It was so cute!!! 

In Circle time the  children shared how they take care of their teeth each day and about any visits they might have had to the dentist.

Pulling Teeth πŸ¦· 

I have to say this was the number one favorite 🀩 😬 activity of the week! 

They loved pulling teeth! I set the beads in Ticky-Tac  and it was super fun for them to pretend they were pulling teeth. 🦷 🦷 

Protecting Our Bodies 

Brain Model Creative Art

Together during Circle Time we discussed protecting our bodies. One way we discussed is protecting our heads . When riding a bike a helmet protects our head.
I explained to them that it is very important that we protect our brain. 
For our Creative Art we made a Brain Model.
The children decorated the outside cup (skull)with a face and hair.

Then the children pressed the noodles together with a wet cloth to form a brain model on the inside of the cup. 

Letter Aa 

  This last week we focused on the letter Aa uppercase & lowercase formation and letter sound. We did different activities focusing on the Letter Aa. Three weeks out of each month we will focus on a Letter of the Alphabet 

Beatriz and the Monkeys Game πŸ΅πŸ’
Small Group Math

This game involved rolling the foam die and moving that many spaces. This was our very first board game together this school year.

With this being their first time  they needed a little assistance from me. 

They loved this game! Board games are so much fun!!!!!! 🐡 ❤️ 
 Fun ! Fun! Fun!

My Postcard 
Writing Center 

Writing Center Fun
Drawing Pictures and Tracing Words from vocabulary word cards. Each week there are vocabulary word cards in the back of the Teacher Guide. I use these in my writing center to share words from the week and get my children interested in writing. They love coming to the writing center. I change it out often with different materials to make it interesting.

Lost & Found Letters 
Small Group Literacy

Introduction of Lost & Found Letters

Last week we found Lost & Found Letters! The children were so excited to find the letters to build words! 

hat ,  bad ,  had. ,  bat ,  rub 

Each month we will do fun activities as we build new words.

We will start at the beginning of the month so the children can work with these all month long.

These are Awesome!

Wonderful Stories From Experience Early Learning 

Letters From Friends -
Friends that Were Kind

Beatriz Bananas and The Very Big Hat -
Beatriz’s Hat Adventure 

We had such a Wonderful Time of Learning with Experience Early Learning. I can’t wait to share next Time’s Learning Adventures.
See you Soon,

Mrs. Vonda - Pre-K Teacher,
Blog Ambassador and Program Director 

Mrs. Laura - My Awesome Classroom Assistant 

Disclaimer: I am so thankful for the opportunity to use Experience Early Learning formerly Mother Goose Time Curriculum with my students. I can’t wait to share our learning experiences on my blog. In exchange for my unbiased and honest reviews, Experience Early Learning has provided us with the curriculum free of charge.

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